The Hollow Bone

The Hollow Bone is an approach to healing and energy work, where the Wellness Practitioner does not give healing, but only serve as a tool for the Divine, by whatever name you might call it.

Non-practitioners can also benefit from the Hollow Bone way of thinking. It can make dealing with other people easier and makes you stop up and think about the intentions and reasons behind why you do things.

There are practitioners who tend to take over the clients pains and tensions. The client leaves free of tension and soreness, but the practitioner is left behind with what the client had. Thinking of yourself as a Hollow Bone stops this tendency.

To better understand the Hollow Bone, it can help to think about how a physical hollow bone is created.

A buffalo bone with meat is used for cooking food for the two-legged – people. When the stew is cooked, the bone is taken up and given to the dog to eat. The dog chews on the bone and takes all the nourishment from it that it can. When the dog is done eating from the bone, he buries it in the ground, where the Creepy Crawlers (insects and bugs) then feast upon the bone and take nourishment from it. When they no longer can feed on the bone, there is no more nutritional value left in the bone. The seasons serve to turn the bone completely clean and white. Sun, wind, frost, rain.

This is when the bone, which is completely useless as a food source becomes the Hollow Bone. Now it can be turned into a tool for the people. It can be used to serve others and make a difference.

That is what the Hollow Bone is about. Once we remove all our ego, our desires and fears, our wants and thoughts, then we are like the Hollow Bone. Able to serve as a tool, a channel for the Divine. The Energy of Creator can now flow through us without any obstacles in the way. We are the conduit for the Healing Powers of the Universe, the facilitators of Wellness and Healing.

Being a Hollow Bone is a humbling experience. We do not create Healing, we do not give healing or wellness to the clients. We merely facilitate wellness. We let the client take part of their own healing, enabling them and we let the Divine work through us. Just like the pencil is the tool facilitating the drawing a child makes. We do not take credit, we do not call ourselves healers. There is no Ego in how we view ourselves when we are the Hollow Bone. Only humility and gratitude for being able to serve and to witness the healing that takes place.

There are several reasons to use the Hollow Bone thinking.

The greatest advantage is that we do not drain ourselves when we work. By letting energy flow through us, we leave a session energized and balanced. Unfortunately many wellness practitioners tend to give from themselves and are completely worn out emotionally and mentally by the end of the day. They take from their own resources instead of being a conduit. No need to elaborate that this in the long run can lead to injuries, diseases and burn-out.

If you only give of yourself, you risk transferring your own unsolved issues to the client. If our shoulder is hurting, we might project that hurt and think that the client also hurts. It can become difficult to differentiate between what is our own pain and problems, and which are that of the client. This tendency is clearest seen in energy work or psychological disciplines. It is common knowledge that to become a psychotherapist, you need to go through therapy yourself so that your own issues are resolved and you don’t project them onto the client coming to see you.

The Hollow Bone also makes it unnecessary for the practitioner to protect themselves from the client. Some create protective bubbles around themselves so they don’t pick up on the client’s emotions or pains. Creating a barrier also distances you from the client and can make it harder to connect and work intuitively with the client. This isn’t necessary when working as a Hollow Bone, as the Healing Energy of Creator flows through you and doesn’t allow for anything to flow up from the client to you.

As the Hollow Bone, we do not take credit for the Healing which occurs, nor are we responsible if no Healing happens. We leave in the hands of the Divine. This approach can be very useful when dealing with people who cannot be healed, such as offering comfort and wellness to an old or very sick person. We know we cannot cure them of age or cancer. Working as the Hollow Bone takes away the pressure of trying to change their situation, and instead places focus on offering comfort and wellness in this precious moment.

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