Stone Medicine Denmark

Stone Medicine provides healing and wellness based on the ancient Native American tradition and ceremony by using hot and cold stones.

Using heated and chilled stones, ceremony, special strokes, crystals and gems and animal energies, each session becomes more than just a physical treatment. The Stone Medicine treatments are holistic, focusing on the whole person; body, mind, heart and spirit.

During the courses you will, on top of learning the class specific skills/treatments:

  • Heart StoneParticipate and become Native American ceremony
  • Learn about Native American traditions and healing
  • Hear stories, share laughter and gain knowledge
  • Understand the Hollow Bone, altar and smudging
  • Learn ancient healing and wellness traditions that you can offer yourself, your clients and others
  • Gain inspiration for personal growth and spiritual practices
  • Come home with new energy, inspiration and direction
  • Give yourself a unique experience and connect with other like-minded people
  • Become a part of the Stone Medicine tribe

Jenny Ray has used her traditional Native American learning, combined it with modern scientific research to teach the ancient ways. The result is a wide range of certified classes aimed at the modern therapist who wishes to incorporate ancient traditions and a holistic view into their treatments.