Class descriptions

The science of hot and cold therapeutic massage as well as safety measures, involving contraindications, temperature and sanitation are combined with the unique experience of an ancient traditional approach to stone massage.

Stone Medicine courses include lectures, storytelling, demonstrations, and a written manual with plenty of time for hands-on practical experience.

  • Stone Medicine I. Learn how to offer a complete stone treatment, following the traditions and ceremonies of the Native Americans. This class is for certified massage therapists and is the base for more advanced stone techniques.
  • Shamanic Journey. Experience a shamanic journey and receive the training to guide yourself and others upon journeys. Open for all.
  • Pray Fan Craft Class. Create your own sacred prayer fan and enjoy a time of laughter and story telling. Open for all.
  • Sweat Lodge Introduction. Learn about the history and purpose of a Sweat Lodge, how to prepare yourself for it, and finish the day by participating in a sweat where Jenny Ray is the Water Woman and leads the Inipi. Open for all.
  • Healing Hands. During a day filled with ceremony and healing, you learn how to offer Healing Hands, a Native American wellness method through touch.
  • Sacred Stoke – Grandmother Cedar. An ancient technique that combines the use of heated and chilled stones with aromatherapy to provide the client with healing and wellness. Open for wellness and massage practitioners.
  • Sacred Stroke – Wase. A class aimed at beauty and massage therapists who wishes to offer a facial stone massage. Working with reflexology points and soft tissue manipulation, this stroke becomes a full body treatment.
  • Spirit Art. A day for discovering your own strengths and weaknesses through creation. Much  more than an art class, this becomes a Shamanic Journey experience to discover and recognize your intuitive gifts. Open for all.
  • Rain Bath. Learn this ancient form of aromatherapy combined with the use of stones. You not only learn how to give a one hour treatment to your clients, but also the background of this ritual, as well as the history of the herbal medicines. Open for all.