Mother Earth Message

To be a mother is some of the most beautiful you can be. To bring new life into the world. The birth happens with tears and pain, but soon after it’s forgotten as love fills the heart.

So is it also with the Children of the Earth. Generations have been born in pain, and they give pain when I see their lack of respect for their mother.

They have forgotten where they come from, they have forgotten what gave birth to them.

But the love remains. The love is there in spite of all the pain, in spite of the suffering my beloved children have caused me.

My heart is filled with pride every time I see a child awake and open their eyes to the reality they live in.

For each child who is awoken, I am healed a bit and the pain becomes less.

Go out in the world and awake my children. If only it is for a short moment.

Every second where a child of mine is awake counts. For have they been awake just once, then that knowledge lies deeply in them and the pain they cause me, even when they are asleep, is lessened.

All can awake by love. Love heals everything. It is through love and forgiveness, through dreams and intentions, that my beloved children transform from sleeping to awake.

I love all my children, no matter what they’ve done and no matter if they cause me pain.

All are loved unconditionally.

Written by Pia Poulsen during a meditation walk and retreat week-end at Eagleroad in June 2014.

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